VIdeo Work

For our 2D Digital Animation class, we were required to make a title sequence.

I chose the movie Equilibrium because it did not have a title sequence and was a fantastic film with great visuals for me to work with.

I used a combination of digital painting and photo manipulation in Photoshop then composited in After Effects for animation with with a 3D camera for moves, and parallax. iFrame.html

This is a short film telling the story of the moon. The moon is represented by a feline animal that pulls the organic patterns of the moon's light through the forest, chasing away the sun and bringing the night. When his task is finally finished, he is chased away by the geometric pattern of the dawn, so nighttime retreats until the day passes.

The feline silhouette was modeled, rigged and animated in Maya, some scenes with camera moves and rendered with a surface shader and glowing eye and paw blinns. The backgrounds were digitally painted in Photoshop and then all of it was composited in After Effects, adding camera moves, environment parallax with 3D layers and cameras, pattern and color change animation as well as lighting.

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